Wednesday, September 3, 2008

September Author Fiesta-Jim Arnosky

Happy September, and happy Author Fiesta.

We are so happy that this month's author is one of our favorites, Jim Arnosky. His website is loaded with information, included a set of animal coloring pages that we love around here.

I was unable to find a coloring page for our favorite Arnosky character, Crinkleroot, so I put my daughter Amy in charge of creating a drawing suitable for the younger kids to color. Here it is below, click on it, and you should be able to print it out. UPDATE: I guess the link isn't working, so you will have to save the picture to your computer and then print.

If anyone knows how to add a PDF file to a blogger post, please let me know.


Cay G. said...

Give Amy a hug from all of us. What a talented girl she is. Fantastic coloring sheet.

I love, love, love your new banner, btw. :)

School for Us said...

That is a GREAT coloring sheet! And, your daughter is so talented. Thank you!!!