Thursday, October 4, 2007

Saint Francis-Pray For Us

We tried to keep St. Francis in our thoughts today on this his feast day.
During lunch I read The Good Man of Assisi.
The kids did pick out an unusual assortment of animals for St. Francis to pose with. Next, we headed outdoors to admire God's beauty.

We found God's beauty up high in the trees,

on the ground,

and in the fields.

We looked for God's tiny creatures,

and instead of squishing this big ugly spider that was in the kitchen, in honor of St. Francis's love of all living things, I caught it and let it go free outdoors.

Finally, we learned that the Christmas tradition of a displaying a Nativity scene was started by St. Francis. When we learned this, Gracie headed into the craft books and found this Nativity to cut out and proudly display.

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Anonymous said...

We also enjoyed the day outside! I love using your non-planning plan for homeschooling. The bunny-girl is adorable. Thanks for our date,lol, Kim