Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A Hike to the Bottom of the Falls

Who could ever imagine that we would be able to head outdoors on October 30th in Central New York and take a hike in 50 degree, sunny weather.
We found creeping myrtle plants still looking beautiful with their purple blossoms.

Mushrooms are still growing,
and this cabbage butterfly should be finding a milder climate soon.
Kimberly had the easiest hike to the base of Chittenango Falls. It is about 15 minutes from out house and just wonderful.
It is very easy to stand at the base of this waterfull and realize the greatness of God.
Just breathtaking
We finished the afternoon with a ride on the swings.
Oh, winter, we will smile when you send your first snowflakes, but for now we will keep smiling because you are nowhere to be found.


Lisa said...

Oh, wow! Beautiful! We've always wanted to visit New York in the fall. &;o) Now I have! Hope the good weather hangs on a bit longer!

Meredith said...

What incredible nature you have! Beautiful pics :)