Friday, October 5, 2007

A Friday Outting

We had a very special outting today when Daddy took us to the Carousel Mall.
It has begun an expansion and will be the biggest mall in the U.S. when it is done.
We very rarely go to the mall--never to shop--but as a fun trip out for the kids.

The last time I was here I discovered a wonderful, quiet spot in the midst of a very busy mall.
I showed this wonderful Franciscan Place to Pat and we spent a few minutes with Our Lord in the chapel.
We then went on to the carousel, for which the mall is named.
Luke did like the horse, until it started to move, and then he lost control.
He was o.k. once his daddy tossed him into the sleigh with his mom and sisters.

We did have some excitement on the way home.(About 40 miles from home.)But Dad took care of us and we were home before we knew it.

Well, some of us knew it.

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