Friday, July 27, 2007

Today's Excitement!

This is Danny.

This is where Danny is sitting for the next several days.

This is Danny's foot.

This is the glass they took out of Danny's foot.

This is the hole in Danny's foot that still has a three inch piece of glass in it.

These are the windows that Danny stepped through.

This is the residue that Danny left on the grass under my window.

This is the air-conditioner that Danny was installing to keep his mother cool in the 90 degree heat when he stepped through the window.

Please say a pray for Danny over the next couple of days.


betty said...

OH MY!!! God Bless Danny for trying to keep Mama cool!!!

Anonymous said...

Will say a prayer for you Danny. So sorry to hear about your accident. At least, you can stay cool while you are off your feet. lol.

Aunt Jean

His Servant: Ann Kraeger said...

Can we do anything or bring anything over to help Danny pass the time? Give me a call! Matthew is available to entertain Danny. We will keep him in our prayers also.

JennGM said...

Will pray for Danny. In my pregnant state I got a little queasy with all the gore. ;-)

Next time, wear shoes!

Anonymous said...

we hope Danny has a quick recovery. be in touch soon. Kim

Kimberlee said...

Praying for your dear boy. He looks in good spirits - what a trooper!

Elena said...

Reminds me of the old Irish saying, "No good deed goes unpunished!" Poor Danny. Hope he heals quickly!

yvy said...

o....nasty!!! get well soon danny!!

Laura (The kids Spoke-woman) said...

this was a very long day.......... I was almost next to him when he hurt his foot (he was out side i was in the room in which he was putting the AC) and he screamed loud. Also I had to hold the towel under his foot as he hobbled to the car. :(