Saturday, July 7, 2007

Saturday Clam Bake

Now, I may have mentioned we go to parties, a lot of parties. But you may be beginning to think it is getting a little ridiculous. I haven't blogged about any schoolwork in quite a while, but I do have an explanation for that, we don't have time for schoolwork because we are busy going to parties.
Today was a clam bake at our friends Jim and Irene's house.
Some of us started out in the pool.
Mark enjoyed himself floating around on a noodle.

Kim and Kim spent time soaking up the sun. It was an absolutely beautiful day.

Becky took Luke in, and he didn't want to stay in long, but when we took him out he kept trying to get back in.(We had to keep a real close eye on him.)

Then, the clams came out. Maddie ate more clams than I thought possible for an almost 5 year old.

There was a very serious volleyball tournament. Six teams took part and they played for hours. When it was all finished, they looked at the records of all the teams, but I don't think they could figure out who won the overall championship.

Here, Pat is still smiling after a few hours of volleyball, but I believe he is sucking alot of air.

He is catching his breath now while he has a soda with Mark.

Luke driving a John Deere.

More tractor driving.

Gracie taking Davey for a bike ride.
Kimberly loved sharing Laura's popsicle.

Well, maybe not.
Luke didn't take a nap today and Becky did her best trying to get him to sleep.
She couldn't do it.

Jim gave it a try too, but even he couldn't work his magic.
Luke stayed awake until 11:00.

The party then turned to dancing. Alot a dancing, and what a wonderful bunch of dancers everyone is.
It was a great day.
Stay tuned for more parties..........................!


Anonymous said...

It looked like a great day.

Aunt Jean

Anonymous said...

I think all these parties are enough "school" that one needs over the summer. Yeah to parties and friends! Kim