Saturday, July 21, 2007

This and That

This post is just about "this and that."

Above are our copies of artwork by various Impressionist artists that we have been studying this summer. In fact, Mark impressed many people at the library when he was looking at the paintings on the library walls and said "That looks just like a Mary Cassatt painting." And it was. I was very proud.

Our monarch caterpillars are getting much bigger.(O.K.-not quite this big) To celebrate our butterfly unit, we made a very nice butterfly mobile.

Grandpa H has been having some visitors around his house lately. Two baby skunks visited over about a weeks time. They came out in the afternoon. I think that their mother was sleeping like all good nocturnal animals do during the day. (unless they are babies)

Grandpa also caught this red squirrel in his "Have a Heart" trap. He kept it long enough for this photo opportunity and then let it go free. He is pretty cute.

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