Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Don't Rain on Our Parade

We have been anxiously waiting for the rain. It has barely rained in over a month and we really need rain. Of course, the timing could be a little better.
The day started out with hope. It was a little bright outside. It didn't matter that the forecast called for rain over the next three days, and anyways, the parade was going to start shortly.

The van trip started with Wee Sing America.
It starts like this every Fourth of July. A patriotic musical montage that gets everyone clapping and singing along. ( o.k.--not everyone---some of the teenagers can give quite dirty looks about this tradition---but I do remind them that they enjoyed it just as much when they were little.)

We arrived at the parade site and greeted many cousins and aunts and uncles. We still had hope. The bit of mist that was falling was certainly going to pass us by.

The mist began to come down a little harder. All right, it was now raining, but the parade went on.

This photo proves that the parade went on, Cousin Dylan in the Boy Scout Truck.(I mean float)

O.K. It is raining. Let's have our wet picnic because Uncle Tim and Aunt Sue went to alot of trouble setting up tents, and the food was just wonderful, and anyway, a little rain can't stop us.

It can stop the fireworks though. So in the afternoon we headed home. We were tired out and a little soggy. But none the worse for wear.

Well, maybe Kim and Mark are a little worse for wear. (Danny is just wet.)


His Servant: Ann Kraeger said...

Happy Fourth of July!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alice Gunther said...

Rain or no rain, iy looks like you had a wonderful day! Thank you for sharing these pictures!

Anonymous said...

Our day went just about like yours-dodging the rain, but we stuck it out until the fireworks! From around Oneida Lake, the view was awesome. Everyone setting off their own and then Sylvan Beach threw an exciting show. The day was a huge success. kim