Saturday, July 21, 2007

Blueberry Picking

The blueberries are finally ripe in Upstate New York, so we headed off to the berry bushes.
Gracie patiently waited for her turn to ride on the wagon with her empty bucket, and she wasn't disappointed when we reached the berry bushes.
We found the berries blue and ready for picking.
Our surprise this year was finding out how much Luke likes blueberries. I don't think that he stopped eating until we were out of the field. I believe it amazed him that so much yumminess
was so accessible for a two year old.
We were surprised when we heard Grandma calling to us from across the bushes. We didn't know she was coming and she didn't know we were there. It was a very nice surprise, and it distracted the little children from the fact that they had grown hot and tired of picking berries. Thank you Grandma!
Everyone was still smiling after our hour of picking,
and we were all rewarded for our efforts.

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