Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Lake Placid

Pat and I enjoyed the spectacular sight of the High Falls Gorge. It is a 700 feet drop in the Ausable River. The walk along the cliffside was breathtaking.

Next, we headed into downtown Lake Placid. It was a strange feeling to head into a village in the mountains, about three hours from our home, and encounter so many different cultures and languages.

I enjoyed seeing the Herb Brookes hockey arena. I remember being a kid and watching the "miracle on ice" on tv in 1980.

There was a Canadian/American hockey camp going on while we were there.

I am a bit disappointed in not seeing a real live moose. We were told that in Saranac Lake, where we stayed, that they are sometimes seen, but all we saw were antlers and this unlucky fellow.

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Anonymous said...

sounds like an awesome time. hope you brought back some souvenirs. as always, Kim