Friday, June 20, 2014

Summer School
Summer is here, but the learning doesn't stop.  We definitely have a lot more down time, but it seems to help everyone to keep to some sort of schedule, and that includes some bookwork.

A big challenge this year is keeping my 14 year old busy (as in not spending the day in front of a screen)

One project Dad has for Mark to do  is to power wash these landscaping bricks.  We were given them from a co-worker of Pat and we have some fun plans for them. 
On days that Daddy is off of work, a little less schooling is completed.
Even helping Dad fix a vehicle is fun for Kimberly.
Gracie is almost a teenager, and acting the part.  I've always enjoyed the teenage years. It is so wonderful to watch the kids turn into capable young people.
Our current read aloud is The Storm Makers. Everyone is really enjoying this book.  It is new to me, I'm not sure how I discovered it, but it is a hit.  Everyone from the littles, to  myself, to the 14 are enjoying this.
Everyone also reads about an hour in the afternoon, unless we head out to the beach, and then for about a half hour or more when they go to bed.  (I always give them a choice, they can go to sleep or read....they always seem to choose reading)
The books the kids are reading this week are:
Kimberly-age 8, Ramona Quimby Age 8
Mark- age 14, Infinity
I also have many, many library picture books on various categories: plants, fairy tales, insects, and mammals and reptiles.  I try to get a lot of science reading done in the summer with plenty of hands on activities.

Kim and Luke are spending time learning their multiplication facts this summer.
I thought this would give them a head start on the falls third grade math curriculum.
We are up to the 3 facts---it's a slow process, but that's fine with me.
Planting some beans.
  I don't put in a garden, but we always do some planting around the house. 
The kids love watching their plants grow.
Although I realized I bought pole beans, which we planted in these pots, so I'm not sure how they will turn out. 
This is the second planting of the sunflower house.  In the excitement of the World Cup soccer tournament, the poor little seedlings were squished during a pick up soccer game.
I'm crossing my fingers that these plants make it.
Happy summer everyone!

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