Sunday, June 29, 2014

June Kiwi Crate---Camping Trip

 We enjoyed another fun Kiwi Crate.
The June theme was camping.
 Kimberly immediately choose to make the glowing campfire.
 Because the instructions are so clear, Kim was able to make the campfire completely on her own.
The campfire kit even came with "marshmallows" on a stick and a flickering light to keep the fire burning in the dark. 
It's very cute!
Luke is 9 now, and still enjoys some of the projects, he didn't care to make the campfire but he was very happy to make the sunprint backpack.
 Of course, in your Kiwi Crate, absolutely everything is included to do the projects, right down to the tiniest adhesive sticker.
 For this project, you first "paint" the bag cloth bag with water.
You then paint the wet bag with blue and green paint. The kids enjoyed the way the colors blended as you added more color.
 Next we took the wet bags out into the sunshine and placed the provided shapes on the bag.  It also suggests added your own items such as rocks, leaves or branches.  Both kids were happy to use the shapes they gave us.
 Place the bags in the sunshine until totally dry.  When dry, remove shapes. They were very impressed with the sunprints.  Kimberly is now using her bag to collect rocks and Luke hasn't decided what he will collect in his bag.
 Thanks again, Kiwi Crate, for another month of fun.

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