Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A Pocketful of Cricket--Literature Unit

 I found a wonderful literature unit perfect for summer: A Pocketful of Cricket from Homeschool Share.   If you haven't used Homeschool Share you are in for a big treat.  There are FREE literature units on books on every subject  you could ever want to introduce to your early elementary student. The units incorporate art, grammar, science, social studies and much more.
 We learned a cricket could jump about 2 feet.  So we set up tape on the floor and marked out one foot intervals...Kimberly could jump the farthest-5 feet, everyone else was around 4 feet, including myself, although my landing wasn't picture perfect as I ended up on my back, on the floor, wondering what bones I had broken.
 Dirty summer feet
 The kids then headed out to catch some of our own crickets.  They found about 10, but they are the tiniest little things.  I think we were too early in the season for cricket catching.  I'm afraid these are so small we won't be hearing then chirp in the night.
 We have successfully kept crickets for months in the past, so hopefully these will grow and start singing.
All you need for a cricket habitat is soil, a bottle cap with water, and food.  They seem to love Cheerios and lettuce. 
There is enough in this unit to keep us busy for about a week.
I'll let you know what else we are doing for this book later in the week.

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