Thursday, June 19, 2014

We are still here!

 My 5 girls.....on Kimberly's First Communion Day
I have received a few emails from some of my readers wondering how we are doing, and if we are "alright". 
 My Momma and I on Mother's Day
I want to assure everyone that we are, in fact, all right.
 A walk with my Papa to the railroad tracks.
It has been a hard winter and spring...a very hard winter and spring.
 Grandpa leading the way!
We have faced several health issues, including my own depression and anxiety...a terrible time for all of us.
 Three ball players and big sister Amy
We have faced a cancer scare with our 14 year old son. ( He was finally diagnosed with Parsonage Turner Syndrome)
 Kim and Luke during Irish twin week....both 8 years old
Luke gave us a scare with two heart murmurs which, after visiting a pediatric cardiologist, were declared benign and would just need to be watched.
 Kim and Grace at the lake.
Daddy also had an illness which took him out of work for 2 weeks and then he tore his chest wall muscle playing ball with the kids.
 Half of the Easter dinner crowd.
We seem to have weathered the storms and are now all on the road to recovery, both mentally and physically.
 The other half of Easter dinner.
It's been a hard road for me, but things are becoming brighter although there are still some dark days.
Kim, Laure and Luke.
We did manage to finish up this school year in crisis mode...but we did succeed with a lot of love and read alouds.
Gracie will head off, along with Mark,  to a wonderful private Catholic school in the fall and I will continue to school Luke and Kim in 3rd grade.
Amy will be heading back to Christendom College in the fall and the rest of the grown kids are working hard at various jobs.
Matt and his wife, Alexis, are stationed at Fort Stewart, Georgia.  We miss them and love when we are able to Skype.
Hopefully I will get back into the swing of blogging, it has always been a happy place to share of our family, school and faith.


Juli E. said...

Yay! So glad to read this post! I am so sorry to hear that your family has had to deal with so much! Glad things are turning around and you are back to blogging! Will be including you in my prayers!

Tamalyn L. said...

I am so glad to see this post! My, how the kids have grown!

I'm so sorry for your struggles - please know our family in Texas will be keeping you all in our prayers.

Welcome back - love hearing about your family and faith!