Monday, June 23, 2014

Oneida All-Star Softball-2014

 We have had kids playing baseball or softball for the past 22 years when Patrick Jr. began playing t-ball.
That's a lot of ball games.
 Some years we have had 5 of 6 kids on 5 or 6 different teams.
 This year we had 4 kids playing of 4 different teams,
 and just when we thought everyone's season was over, Kimberly made the minor league softball all-star team.  Way to go, Kim!!!
 Lining up for the National Anthem.
 Kim had quite a large fan base for her first all-star game.
It makes me so happy that the big kids still come out and support the littles.
 Kimmy coming around to score.
 Kimberly played her first game against her best friend, Suzie!
(Suzie's team come out the winners this game)
Kimberly and her fans....Here's to many more years of ballgames!!

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