Thursday, October 31, 2013

Opening our Thanksgiving Kiwi Crate

 Come and explore the Thanksgiving Kiwi Crate with us.
We open our box and our greeted by this cute little kiwi bird.
 The overview of the Thanksgiving projects:  My Turkey Place Cards (6 place cards in total) and My Turkey Game.
 On the back of the overview page is a cute color and cut out activity. These can be played with using the scene printed on the inside of the Kiwi Crate box.
There is also a sticker which can be added to your Kiwi poster.  This poster comes in your first Kiwi Crate when you subscribe.
 The first activity is My Turkey Game.  It has a low messiness level and a medium parental participation.
Great instructions...step by step in full color.
Various elements of the turkey game.
Even a new box of jumbo crayons. 
Popsicle sticks, wiggle eyes and foamie stickums.
Instructions and directions for the Turkey Game.
Activity number two: My Turkey Place Cards.
A list of items needed and complete instructions.

Everything needed to make the turkey place cards.  Scissors are needed for this project.  If you subscribe to Kiwi Crate, you get scissors included in your first crate.
There is even air dry clay included in this Thanksgiving crate.
I can't stress how wonderful all our Kiwi Crates have been, especially the ease of the projects, perfect for little hands.  My 7 and 8 year olds can follow the wonderful picture instructions and they do the crafts with minimal help from me.

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