Saturday, October 19, 2013

Mt. Hope...I just couldn't make it!

 We are officially "past peak" here in central New York.  It is hard to find any red leaves, but I found this one.
 This is not the usual way to get to the trails...but I guess it is the fun way.
 Grace and Kim climbed right over....
 Luke, on the other hand, climbed up one side of the gate, and then sat at the top until Becky lifted him down.
 I think Kim hiked about 4 times as far as the rest of us by running ahead then running back to us...over and over again.
 We started at the bridge, taking the flat trail...I didn't think my knees were up to the hilly trail. (And I was correct)

 My five girls...we are only missing Alexis.
 Mark out on a limb
 Kimberly Irene
This is the bridge that is exactly the halfway point of the walk...if you continue on the trail it gets very steep and hilly...this was the first time I knew I couldn't make it around the loop.
I headed back the was I came...on the flat trail.  I feel defeated!

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