Sunday, December 1, 2013

Our Advent Book Surprises

 Several years ago, I saw the idea of wrapping up Christmas books and opening one a day throughout Advent. That was A LOT of wrapping.  I thought of a solution to this problem and have returned to the book tradition. I searched online and found a a supplier of simple paper bags.
I had the kids decorate the bags with snowflake stamps....25 bags for 25 books.
 It was so easy to slip the books inside the bags and them tape them shut.  The kids get the excitement of opening up a book everyday and I saved a few hours of wrapping time.
 We got out our beautiful magnetic Advent Calendar.  Daddy actually mounted it on the wall this year.  This is one of my favorite Advent activities. Just open a door a day and place on the magnetic scene.
The Holy Family has also arrived, awaiting the arrival of the baby Jesus, just 24 days away.


Juliana E. said...

Great ideas! Missed your updates! Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful and wishing you a blessed Advent!

Tamalyn said...

What a wonderful idea about the bags! I had seen this idea, but also thought the time (and paper) for wrapping wasn't going to work for me. Will definitely put that on the list for next year...for now they'll all just have to stay in our "daily Advent book basket". : ) Blessings to you and your family!


Juliana E. said...

Missed your Christmas updates! Hope all is well and everyone had a lovely holiday! Happy New Year!