Friday, October 18, 2013

"How Many Seeds in a Pumpkin?"-Fun with books

 We haven't enjoyed this book since can check out those posts over  here.
I can't believe how little the kids look in the old posts.
Well, I got How Many Seeds in a Pumpkin?.  Kim and Luke do not remember this book, so it was fun to have them guess at the outcome of the story. (They didn't guess correctly).
After reading the story we got busy counting our own pumpkin seeds...(and preparing to make a pumpkin pie from a real pumpkin..not a can.
 The first step was to get the seeds out of the pumpkins.
 I eventually cut the pumpkins in half.  For ease of seed removal and also because we are going to cook the pumpkins in the oven to make pie.
 Looking back at the photos from 5 years ago...Luke wouldn't even touch the "pumpkin guts"
 This year he made a pumpkin pulp bomb....which he took outside and splattered against a tree.
 We kept each kids' pumpkin seeds separated.  Kim guessed her pumpkin would have 300 seeds.  Luke guessed 500 seeds.  After scooping our seeds we wanted to dry them out.  Amy looked up recipes for roasted pumpkin seeds....she found a good one.  Nothing goes to waste in this house.
 Kim and Luke both decided to put their seeds into groups of ten for ease of counting.
There were A LOT of seeds, but Luke was the winner with 412 seeds.  Kim had 375.  Both came close to their guesses...I was very impressed.

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