Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Opening our Halloween Kiwi Crate

 We are just loving our Kiwi Crates. I thought it would be fun to take you on a little tour of our Halloween crate.
The crate always arrives in this sturdy green box, and in this house the Kiwi box is an exciting package.
 The Halloween crate is a individually purchased crate.  We are subscribed to the monthly crates (plus a sibling add on).
This crate is an individual crate, priced at $19.95. 
The Halloween crate is now out of stock, but I see a very cute individual Thanksgiving crate.  I will definitely be purchasing this soon before it is sold out.

 If you flip over the top page of the crate, you get a little scene to color and play with on the bottom of the box.  It also has a sticker to add to your sticker chart with comes in the first kit when you subscribe to the monthly crates.
 There are two activities in the Halloween box.  "My Glowing ghost" and "My Halloween lights"
The instruction cards show the messiness of the project, the parental participation needed and the skills used in completing the project.
The instructions are very clear, with plenty of photos in step by step progression.
 Every single thing needed for the projects are included in the box. You even receive scissors in the first Kiwi Crate box you subscribe too.
 Everything needed for the glowing ghost.
 Plastic jars for "my Halloween lights".  Also, there are 4 battery powered lights to go in the jars.  (No candles needed)
 Mod Podge and little colored paper squares for decorating the jars.
 Pipe cleaners and sticky, sparkly foam for decorating the Halloween light's jars.
On the bottom of the box, there is a little scene in which you can play with the Kiwi cut out shown at the top of this post.
As you can see, Kiwi Crate is chocked full of fun.  It is so handy to be able to open up the box and be ready to craft. It states it  is for ages 3-7.  Luke is 8 and he loves all the projects we do.  In fact, there is an option when you order a monthly subscription to include a "sibling" to your box, so we receive plenty of materials for both Kim and Luke to make all the projects. 

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