Monday, October 21, 2013

A Pie Straight from the Field

 Once a year....when I am feeling quite ambitious....we read a lot of pumpkin books and then decide to have the fun of making pumpkin pies from real pumpkins...not a can of pumpkin (also known as the easy way of pumpkin pie making)
Before pie making, though, we read good books and count pumpkin seeds.
 First we need to clean the pumpkins out.  This is a favorite messy fall activity that all kids should partake in.  Save the seeds to roast.
 I simply cook the pumpkins by placing them upside down in a big pan.  Cover the pan and pumpkins  with foil and cook on 350 degrees for an hour and 1/2 to two hours...until it is tender.
 After about 2 hours, remove from oven.  I like to turn over my pumpkins to see how they look.  Of course, it is probably a better idea to wait until the pumpkins cool.
 When the pumpkin is cool, spoon the cooked pumpkin from the shell.
Put a very cute child in charge of mashing the pumpkin to a smooth consistency.
 Now you are ready to make your favorite pumpkin pie.  I use the traditional Libby's recipe.
 Ready for the oven.
Pumpkin pie...from field to table.

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Juliana E. said...

Yum! Those pies look delicious!