Saturday, October 19, 2013

Opening our Glowing Animals Kiwi Crate

 We received our "Glowing Animals" Kiwi Crate this past week, and the kids are eager to get busy.
It's always fun to open our crate and see the Kiwi bird saying "hello".
 When you open your crate the first thing you see is a cardstock picture of the crate's projects.
In this crate you made a glowworm friend and racing jellyfish.
 On the back of this paper are stickers to be added to you Kiwi Crate project poster.  I have two stickers because I subscribe using the sibling pack...We get enough supplies to make two of every craft.
 The next item in the crate is a flyer for all the holiday crates that are for sale.  These look great. (I have already ordered the Thanksgiving crate). There is also a $5.00 coupon code included in this flyer.
 The Explore magazine is full of fun....we get two copies because we subscribe with the sibling addition.
 There many cute activities included in this magazine.  One item is "my glowing firefly".  It even comes with glowsticks to make this "bonus" project.
 The very clear instructions state that the My Glowworm Friend has a low messiness level and little grown up participation.
 Every single item, from markers to rubber bands are included in the crate.
 My Racing Jellyfish is low on the messiness scale and needs medium parental help.
Everything is included in the crate....You even get a pair of scissors in your first crate to use with your projects.

I'll be back to show how these projects turn out!

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kristine barr said...

I live reading about the kiwi crates. Still trying to decide if they would be appropriate for a 10 yr. old. Your kids sure seem to enjoy them.