Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Simple Woman's Daybook--A New Year Edition


Outside my window... overcast and cold. Last week we had a day that the temp reached 50 degrees. It melted the foot of snow we had lef,t so now we see is a brown, cold world---24 degrees and the prediction of lake effect snow. That means we get a dusting of snow or we get a foot of snow, no one is ever really sure.

I am thinking... the upcoming long winter and the schoolwork and fun I hope to accomplish, and enjoy, with the kids.

I am thankful for... a warm house and full cupboards and the husband who works so hard to provide these things for me.

From the learning rooms...
It's back to the wait a minute, it is still Christmas until January 6th, so I think we will start slowly. I have a lot of read alouds planned. I think the kids learn more from these books and the discussions we have while reading these books, than hours of "tablework".

From the kitchen... It's clean, so I really don't want to mess it up. Since Pat and I shopped this past weekend we are well stocked up so I have several choices. I think tonight will be pork roast.....which means there will be 12 of us eating, because when the 2 kids from down the road hear the menu, they will show up, right at dinner time...and that is no problem when you are all ready feeding 10.

I am wearing...
Uh Oh!!!! Still in my pj's. (another reason to start school slowly)

I am creating...
Slippers for all the little feet around here, and some knit Right to Life ribbons for the big kid's school trip to Washington with the National March for Life in a few weeks.

I am going...
nowhere I hope. A big boy is home today, so if there are errands to run, I can send him.

I am reading...
The Magnificat and Small Steps for Catholic Moms (These are my daily reads) My "for fun" book is Stay a Little Longer, our quiet time audiobook is Redwall and our read aloud we are starting today is Shadows on Society Hill, an American Girl Addy Mystery. This last book is our history book for the week. It takes place after the Civil War--which happens to be where we are in history.

I am hoping... my voice holds out for the above read alouds!

I am hearing...
small children running up and down the hall dressed as pirates.

Around the house...
Christmas is still everywhere around the house (as it should be), it is just now getting mixed together with schoolbooks.

One of my favorite things... is that my 10 year old son is telling everyone to be quiet so he can read....if you know us, you know that it has taken years to get to this point in Mark's reading. I am soooo proud of him and will try to shush the noise so he can continue, TO READ!!

A few plans for the rest of the week: We still get to celebrate Christmas this week. The Feast of the Epiphany is on Thursday and feast we will.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

I am very grateful that this picture was taken just 24 hours after

this picture was taken. And I am very thankful to be able to say that Kimmy is improving by the minute.

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perelandra30 said...

Your post uplifted me and made me want to count my blessings instead of being a grump with a head cold. Love your family.