Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Simple Woman's Daybook---10 January 2011 edition


Outside my window... 22 degrees and seems to always be snowing. The weather forecast is lake effect snow all week long. Syracuse, 30 minutes away, has already had 84 inches of snow this season...with 2 and a half full months of snow left to go.

I am thinking... boy, that's alot of snow!!! I am also thinking about how to get school days to run more smoothly around here. It seems like the smallest interruption can derail the entire day. In such a small area to live and school in, all school happens at the kitchen table and the living room couch (which are in site of each other)----this same area is the playroom and computer area.....The house isn't growing, so I really need a totally new plan....suggestions welcome!

I am thankful for...The last few nights, I wrote down was I thankful for during the day. I will share a few of those thoughts.
French apple pie hot out of the oven.
A son who is strong enough in his thoughts and beliefs to share with the world on this new blog: The White Rose .
Soft yarn and people to knit for.
A husband who will call all the children together to say the rosary...and the children come, eagerly.
From the learning rooms... We are traveling from the south pole to the north pole this week...get out the polar bears. We need to finish up our post Civil War read aloud and move on in history to the industrial revolution. Writing!! Writing!! I need to get these kids writing more!

From the kitchen... The cupboards were full last week, now they are bare, and will remain bare until payday at the end of the week....lots of eggs and noodles this week.

I am wearing... My brown flower flannel pj pants which I made years ago and a grey, lucky, Yankee t-shirt.....I'm not ready to get dressed for the day

I am creating...My knitting needles have been clicking away, creating warmth for the winter. I am creating a pretty notebook to put down day to day thoughts and things I'm grateful for. A sort of Simple Woman's Daybook on paper.

I am going... no where today, but Tuesday Kimmy goes to the doctor and then there are TWO days I may go somewhere in the evenings---this is big for me! On my schedule is a homeshool mother's night out on Wednesday and then Altar Rosary Society on Thursday night. I am counting on my hubby and friend Kim to help me get to these "nights out". If I do it, it will be
BIG for me.

I am books to school kids and picture books to everyone. Most picture books this week are about the North Pole, snow and bears. I am beginning 100 Ways to Simplify Your Life this week. Wish me luck!! My for "fun book" is The Lottery Winner by Mary Higgins Clark, my favorite "for fun" author.

I am hoping... I make it to my "mother's night out" evenings this week. If I do it will be "a good thing", a very good thing.

I am hearing... children who are supposed to be getting dressed. I don't believe much dressing is happening....mostly laughing and talking with an occasional shriek.....

Around the house... Christmas has been taken down except for the few missed decorations. We have a Santa wind sock hanging in the corner, a snowman nutcracker on the shelf and 2 stockings still hanging in the living room. I will get these packed away today and in a few weeks the hearts of Valentine's day will begin to appear.

A Picture I Thought of Sharing...

Kimbery serving her Grandpa the tiny cupcakes she made to go with Sunday pizza dinner night. She was soooo proud to have baked these and frosted and decorated them. Serving the first to Grandpa was "icing on the cake!"


Mama Zen said...

That picture is adorable!

Tina said...

I always enjoy reading your blog. I really like the idea of journaling what I'm thankful for. I try to be mindful of my blessings, but a daily reminder like that would really help. It would be a blessing in and of itself! :) Have a great week and try to stay warm with all that snow!