Friday, January 7, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up....1/2/11 through 1/7/11

It's all about the Antarctic and penguins this week.
One project the kids found challenging this week was matching up these snowflakes.
It was pretty tough, but Kim and Luke both managed to complete all their snowflakes.
The snowflakes help decorate our learning wall.
We also have 5 Little Penguins on our board to play with and sing songs with.
The "package" man (UPS) brought us a great box with a Toob of Penguins in it.
Everyday, amazing Antarctic habitats were made for the penguins with the blocks....habitats including bathrooms and knitting rooms for the mother penguins.
We made borax crystal snowflakes.
They turned out lovely.
The complete post can be found here.
Homemade playdough proved to be great for making Antarctica, and providing a place for the penguins to play.
My favorite playdough recipe can be found here.
Love that face.
Another new penguin toy surprise was this Penguin Race It toy.
It's amazing how long the kids could watch these penguins go around and around.
Gracie and her Daddy had fun playing Multiplication War.
We are so proud that Gracie has learned all her multiplication facts and this is the perfect game for review.
For the Feast of the Epiphany, Becky came over and made a gingerbread house.
It was the perfect activity to end the Christmas season.
Gracie and Kimmy admiring Becky's work.
I finished the three littles slippers. They were so excited to have cozy feet!
Even a few dollies recieved new slippers.
One of the most fun activites was our crayon resist snowflake painting.
Kimmy was amazed at what happened when she started painting and the white crayon snowflakes began to appear.
I use ColorSplash liquid watercolor paint.
It is by far the best watercolor paint I have ever used.
I bought the six pack of colors three years ago, and the colors are so bright, the blue paint about is 1 ml. of blue paint to 5 ml. of water. I do believe this paint will last forever!
After the snowflake painting the kids experimented with their own crayon resist painting.

I can't wait to matte and frame our artwork!


Monica said...

Love the art work idea - thanks for sharing.

Our Side of the Mountain said...

Those Borax crystals have been on my To Do list for a while! They look really neat! (I've heard the form quickly too!) Fun week!


Rhonda said...

What a great week. I enjoyed seeing all of the penguin activities. WTG Gracie on your multiplication tables! Lindsay has made it up to her 5 multiplication tables and now we will work up to her 5 division tables. The artwork is just lovely.

Carrie Thompson said...

I love your artwork! looks great! I forget about the borax snowflakes... my kids would love them! Looks like you have a very great week!

Sarah said...

So many fun things. What a great theme.

wdworkman said...

Great snowflake paintings. Looks like the penguins were a lot of fun too. I kind of miss the Magic Treehouse books since we've outgrown them here.

Janet W