Friday, January 21, 2011

Weekly Wrap-up--1/21/2011

The week started off with big excitement in the house.....3 new goldfish.
We haven't had the tank set up for a few years, so the younger kids don't remember when we did have fish.
It has been a learning experience already, especially since one of our beloved goldfish didn't survive all the attention it was receiving. Hopefully the two remaining fish will live long, happy goldfishy lives.
Monday we made a big tray of rice krispie treats.
I love this photo of Kimberly helping move the tray to the table. (It was a little heavy for her)
Always a favorite for the whole family.
Kimberly getting an idea from Becky.

What could Kimmy be acting out??

Even Aunt Mary got in on the fun, giving Mark his "charade"

I can't tell you what he is doing, sorry.

It was quite a week, with many doctor appointments, so learning was a little hit and miss.
In kindergarten, we are learning to read.
I have introduced the sight words "a", "I", and "see".
Luke has been doing a lot of schoolwork with his airplanes. :-)

I have a workbook, Sight Words A, which I use to introduce the sightwords for the week and then I supplement with my own flashcards and activities.

We needed to start some Valentine's decorating, so I printed out alot of printables at one of my favorite sites, Confessions of a Homeschooler.

Luke did a great job cutting out and then gluing together his Valentine picture.

Also from Confessions of a Homeschooler was this cute cutting and patterning worksheet.

Another worksheet, which is now decorating our walls.

One of my favorite art supplies are Do-A-Dot markers.
I noticed that my favorite craft store now has these markers.
Hip, hip hooray!

Mark turned eleven this week.
I just can't believe it.....
I'm proud of the young man he is becoming but also sad that time is passing so quickly.

"Don't Wake Daddy!!"----Uh oh!! They woke daddy up!!

It was a very snowy week, in fact, Syracuse, which is 20 minutes from us, has received 106 inches of snow for the season SO FAR..
So there couldn't be a better craft than beautiful, springtime flowers.
This kit was from Walmart and everything was included for quick crafting. I just had to get pictures of the kids.....that's not a hard thing to do around here.

Our little flower garden.

All the snow has also led to this......a lot of computer time.
This is the Lego site... a very popular site.

My little reading learners use the Starfall site.
If you have seen it, you know how great it is....if you haven't, check it out, because it is an amazing site...and completely free.

It is not supposed to stop snowing for a few days, and the temps are supposed to be below zero until next expect to see a lot of springtime crafting this upcoming week.


Mommy of Two said...

Awesome! Thank you for the ideas :)

See Jamie blog said...

Looks like a busy but good week! We love charades, too. :)

Ourbeautifulmess said...

Great ideas, you just reminded me we need to think of a valentines unit study ;)...Keep up the good work mama!

Sarah said...

Looks like a really fun week!

schmobes said...

We love Starfall here, too! I love the flower garden, I might have to improvise something similar.