Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Yarn Along...

From the founder of Yarn Along~ Two of my favorite things are knitting and reading, and the evidence of this often shows up in my photographs. I love seeing what other people are knitting and reading as well. So, what are you knitting or crocheting right now? What are you reading?~ I just love everyone's "Yarn Along" posts...the more I visit over at Ginny's blog, the more ideas I get, causing much more knitting to happen!
Amy's scarf is almost finished....the stitch is just gorgeous. I think it will be a perfect stitch for the next baby blanket I will be working on soon.
This scarf pattern can be found here.
I will be beginning a scarf for Becky using this pattern when Amy's scarf is completed.
I am working on a "pay it forward" kitchen set....hopefully the recipient will like it.
The dishcloth is a simple "Grandmother's Favorite Dishcloth" pattern.
The Scalloped Potholder, and the Simply Striped Kitchen Hanging Handtowel complete the set.
My reading time is so limited with all the schoolwork reading we have to get done, I have found that simple, inspirational books are most enjoyed during my quiet morning time of prayer and reading. The children are not to get out of their beds until 8am. I try to be up by seven to enjoy the morning peacefulness.
I have my daily books: The Magnificat and Small Steps for Catholic Moms.
These two books get my day started off on the right foot, with daily Mass readings and inspirational lives of the saints stories and a goal to try and strive for throughout my day.
This week I have added the book Holiness For Housewives.
I love this description from Amazon. "Housewives: learn how you can stay serene — and even find God —amid the dishes and the diapers! This unique spiritual guide will help you grow holier and more prayerful as you perform the most menial household chores — not in spite of those chores, but in the midst of them." I can't wait to get past the forward of this wonderful sounding book. It's just what I need right now in my life.
I am also prereading Bernadette and the Lady before I give it to Mark to read. I want to be able to check his comprehension as he reads. But I have to admit I am enjoying learning a little bit more than I knew before about the Saint Bernadette.
Now, head over to Ginny's blog and share your "Yarn Along....."


Sara said...

Very nice collection of books, and I like that kitchen set idea!

Kathryn said...

Great group of projects and books! I can't imagine anyone not loving to receive such a sweet kitchen set!

ChristineC said...

small steps keeps showing up! i was trying to avoid it, but its getting closer and closer and to my amazon shopping cart. its a great collection of reading and such a sweet kitchen set.

S/V Mari Hal-O-Jen said...

I downloaded the January preview of Small Steps last night to my Kindle and was so happy with it! I'd been avoiding it like the plague forever because I was afraid it was going to be loaded with diapers and nursing stories and I sure don't need any more of that thrown at my head right now! But it is super cool and really applicable to all moms, I think.

Sarah said...

Great books! I keep seeing Small Steps on various blogs, and I think it's a sign that I should take my copy off the bookshelf and start it again. I love the idea of a "pay-it-forward" kitchen set. That will be so nice.

Meredith said...

wow, some great reading and you HAVE been busy, everything looks so cheery and nice :)

PNG said...

I love Van Zeller's Holiness for Housewives.:) I haven't been brave enough to post a Yarn Along. You are all such experienced, lovely knitters. Love your yarn choices.:)

Julie said...

I love that pink yarn you've used. What a cheery set.

cp said...

looks b e a u t i f u l ! love the yarn!

Jen @ Forever, For Always... said...

The scarf is beautiful and I love the kitchen set. Your reading looks familiar, I am always reading the magnificat and have been reading Small Steps too!