Thursday, February 18, 2010

stART-Tacky and the Winter Games---Olympic torches and Olympic medals

It has been all about the Olympics around here this week, and I was really happy to discover the book, Tacky and the Winter Games for our little learners. The big kids have been working of a huge Olympic lapbook, and the littles have been feeling slightly left out of the action.

Tacky and his friends are training for the Olympic games, and when the competition finally arrives, the other anmals are worried he will ruin their chances for a medal. But in the end, Tacky saves the day, and his team wins the "BIG WINNER" medal.

This book has very cute illustations and humor, perfect for the preschool set!

In honor of the Olympics and Tacky the Penguin, we made salt dough gold, silver and bronze medals. We used one of the many recipes for salt dough found on the internet, and then baked them at 200 degrees for about 3 hours, until they were totally dry.
Make sure to use something to make a hole in the medal for a ribbon. I simply poked a hole with a pencil.
I love Luke's concentration!
After they finished baking, we painted them with metallic craft paint.
Tie with a ribbon and
then enjoy the many athletic feats the kids will think of to perform to win medals.
Next came our Olympic torch.
I simply taped two pieces of computer paper together and rolled it into a cone shape--taping it together.
Kim and Luke cut our the yellow and orange flames for our torch.

Our first torch, we glued each flame individually into the cone, but I discovered, it was much easier to staple the flames together and then rolled this into a cone shape and glue it into the white torch "handle".
Our torched caused so much excitement, it was very difficult to get a good picture of the littles.
The main problem being, they kept trying to light each other on fire--keep these kids away from matches!!
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melaniet42 said...

What great Olympic projects. Those medals and torches are fantastic!!

Jen S. said...

Such a creative way to involve them in the spirit of the Olympics. And what a face as she's holding her torch!

Raising a Happy Child said...

We enjoyed the book too, and I love your extension. The medals, the torches and the faces are priceless.

Gabriele said...

These are fantastic projects! I love them!! WAY too much fun! We are totally going to have to try some of these activities!!!

Ticia said...

Those turned out so fun! I love the idea of making your own medals.

Lacy @ Catholic Icing said...

Wow, you guys did a lot of cute olympic stuff! I'm so out of the loop here- we don't have any way to watch "normal" TV. But I'll bet I could find it online...

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This creative way to participate in the Olympic spirit. And how expensive or d elos; you while holding the torch!