Monday, February 22, 2010

2010 Winter Olympic Lapbook: It's Growing....

We have actually had to add another file folder to our totally awesome Winter Olympic lapbook. I have found so many extra items around the internet that we were running out of Olympic room! Above, Gracie is making a little booklet of the Canadian flag. I have added quite a bit about Canada to our lapbook from the HomeschoolShare Olympic elements.

If you don't have a paper cutter, they make lapbooking sooooo much easier, and the kids love using it!

Luke is working on an Olympic word wheel I found at Enchanted Learning.
This word wheel is a perfect addition to the lapbook.
Our word wheel and Canadian flag fold.
Tomorrow we begin to add the gold medal winning countries to our event's fold.
We are going to draw the flags of the winning countries into these elements.
I have devoted a lot of space to the study of Canada.
These were also found on Homeschool Share.
Here is the link to some Canadian animal and definition cards.
We used my I-pod to listen to Mark and Grace's names in French.
The printables for the French name and favorite sport are here.
Becky was over today and made a printable of all of our names in Greek.
I love this addition to the lapbook.
And as I do with all our lapbooks, I add some of our photos right into the book.
This makes it especially fun to look back on the fun we had enjoying our latest subject.
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Rhonda said...

Wow! That lapbook is turning out wonderfully. We are working on the same one here at our house.