Saturday, February 6, 2010

The 2010 CNY Sportsmans Show

It's that time of year again, when Holy Cross Academy hosts the annual CNY Sportsman Show.
This is Holy Cross's biggest fundraiser of the year, and this year was a great success.
Gracie was very excited to be greeted by a beaver-New York State's state mammal.
We then immediately made our way to center stage, where Daddy serves ( as he does every year) as the master of ceremonies. He is "the voice of Holy Cross"!
We were a little suprised when this goose turned it's head and looked at us---it was robotic.
The ultimate black bear skin blanket.
The biggest attraction for my 4 youngest kids was the Conservation Dept's indoor fishing pond.
Mark had all the fishing luck today-----
4 fish for Mark---0 for everyone else!
It seems like these big trout would bite our hooks, but we must have been too late, I think they were all filled up with the corn bait.
The fact that the fish weren't biting, didn't stop my fisherpeople from trying their skill.
Luke would have fished all day--in fact, he left the show crying because he just wanted to fish "one more time"!
A big, new attraction at the show this year were the Utica Zoo visitors.
They brought some local animals: this owl, a rabbit, a red tailed hawk and a porcupine.
Daddy spends the day on stage, announcing and occasionally providing technical support.
Here he is making sure everyone can see the zoo show up on the big screen.
This is one cute porcupine
Gracie petting the fattest bunny I have ever seen.
He's giving you the "eye", Mark!
Of course, there is always good food at the Sportsman Show.
Kimmy, Auntie Kim and Amy enjoying a snack.
The fat bunny again--I am glad we made it home without a new pet. I wasn't sure for a while.
Totally amazing deer antler art!
There were even some real cowboys wandering around.
This nice cowboy is teaching Gracie how to do a rope trick.
She actually did the trick on the first try!!!
She was SO excited.
I think we may have a real cowgirl amongst us!!
I need to thank Holy Cross and all the vendors for another wonderful event!!


Nancy said...

WOW. That just looks absolutely amazing!! I love the indoor fishing! LOL that's my kind of fishing *blush*

Looks like everyone had such a wonderful time - that'd make my Monday too!!

monica said...

That is a lot of things going on! Looked like fun! I like the cowgirl amoung you!

Cheryl Lage said...

Holy smokes, that looks like SUCH a fun event! We LOVE those extra chubby bunnies...was that one a Flemish Giant? They are VERY hard to resist!

What a wonderful sharing of a clearly blast of a time...the fun Makes My Monday! Thanks so much for playing along!