Monday, February 8, 2010

Rosaries For Haiti

Immediately after the earthquake in Haiti I received an email from Holy Cross Family Ministries
with a plea for mission rosaries.
The children and I have been making misson rosaries for years, so I knew this was something tangible the the kids could do to help the people of Haiti.
Mission rosaries are very easy to make, and even small children can take part in this work of charity.
In the above photo you can see a blue St. Theresa mission rosary made with spacers. This makes them very easy for even a 4 year old to help make.
If you browse around the Lewis & Company website you will find very many affordable options on making rosaries for the missions. We don't buy the kits, but instead purchase individual parts when we need them.
Today I mailed out 100 rosaries. I used the smallest free flat rate postal box that I got right from the post office. 100 rosaries fit perfectly into it and it only cost $4.95 to ship.
Another very helpful website and store is the Our Lady's Rosary Makers site.
This site has all the supplies and information needed to make corded, knotted rosaries.
Holy Cross Family Ministries hopes to receive one million rosaries to send to Haiti, they would love it if you could help them.


Vallimasoos said...

What a wonderful way to give! God Bless your family!

Rhonda said...

Such a kind donation to help those in need.

Kristi said...

What a great idea Joann!