Thursday, February 11, 2010

Love & War: By John and Stasti Eldredge

"Marriage is fabulously hard." Love and War

No one was there to tell me that "Marriage is fabulously hard", 23 years ago, when as a 20 year old girl I entered into wedded bliss with the love of my life.
But, as discussed in this book, my young groom and I entered into our married life with the make-believe vision that love was enough.
As my husband and I have learned throughout the years "we" can do nothing---only with God
can a marriage work the way it was intended too.
In Love and War, John and Stasi Eldredge share very candidly about their own struggles throughout their more than 25 years of marriage. They discuss how we all come into adulthood and marriage flawed because of the sin of Adam and it is God we need to help us live the married life that was meant to be.
We learn in this book that God had a specific plan for the way marriage was meant to be, but the enemy is always there, trying to destroy what is holy and good. To change ourselves into the holy men and women God wants us to be, the Eldredges' suggest:
1. Find life in God
2. Deal with your brokeness
3. Learn to shut down the spiritual attacks that come against your marriage.
I enjoyed the real life stories and the many Biblical quotes woven throughout the book.
I would suggest Love and War to any engaged couples, newlyweds, or long time married couples. It is a book that can be read and re-read, finding new wisdom with each reading.
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