Sunday, December 2, 2007

Our new Jesse Tree Banner

Becky and I spent a cold snowy Sunday afternoon making a new Jesse tree for this years Advent.
Becky made the beautiful tree and I cut out and laminated the Jesse tree ornaments.
We are all looking forward to dinner time everyday when we will add a new ornament, which will bring us closer and closer to Christmas.


Kate in NJ said...

How lovely.
Thank you so much for
stopping by my blog today.
It is always nice to meet another
homeschooling Mom.

His Servant: Ann Kraeger said...

that is truly beautiful. what a lovely way to spend this nasty cold day.

Matilda said...

That is truly beautiful!

lapazfarm said...


Len & Heather said...

That is just beautiful.
Well done!!!
Heather - Doodle Acres

Lisa said...

So neat! I'm just totally inspired coming here today! Happy first week of Advent! Your preparations seem to be going splendidly!