Saturday, December 1, 2007

A Cobweb Christmas-review and craft

Thanks to Cay Gibson's new book--Christmas Mosaic--I have a wonderful resource to find many-many great picture books for the advent and Christmas season ahead. The Christmas Mosaic
contains book studies for thirty books, broken down into weekly lists. Each book study includes discussion questions, vocabulary lists, copywork, and enrichment activities.
The list of books itself, make it a very useful resource.

The first three books, The Christmas Cobwebs, The Cobweb Christmas, and The Cobweb Curtain, have been enjoyed this week. They tell three different stories about the helpfulness of spiders during this holy Christmas season.
I decided to have the kids make their own spide web Christmas decorations today. First I had the kids draw a spiderweb design on black construction paper. They then carefully copied over the pencil with glue. Next came their favorite part of the whole process. They shook a very liberal amount of glitter over the glue, and then as Gracie calls it,
she "did the magic", shaking the glitter off to reveal the design.
Our beautiful finished products.

Becky's picture is exceptionally beautiful! She used a toothpick to spread the glue very carefully. The results of her hard work speaks for itself.


Aunt Jean said...

Gracie and Becky-beautiful pictures.

just another day in paradise said...

I'm very impressed, Joann. These are so beautiful!!!!

Lisa said...

Oh, wow, these are great! My kiddos are big into the spider thing this year, so these are just perfect! Hmmm... Maybe we can make a little tree all spiders and spider webs...