Friday, December 14, 2007

A Gingerbread Baby Day

Actually, we had a Gingerbread Baby morning. Pat was home, so we could spend time with this great book while he entertained the babies.
Thanks to the wonderful people at Homeschool Share I found many fun resources to make the most of our morning. I love these gingerbread boy matching cards we played the game concentration with them with Mark winning every game. Luke loves these cards too, he is a great matcher.
Homeschool Share also have many printables to go along with Gingerbread Baby. I am not exactly sure what Mark and Grace are doing behind their pictures.
We played the Gingerbread Baby game many times. This was printed off the Jan Brett website.
I think I could use this website for my whole preschool curriculum and save a lot on money. It is a great site with many, many activities for all of Jan Brett's wonderful books.
As you can see above, we used store bought gingerbread men for our playing pieces in our game.( Gracie bit the leg off of hers so that we could tell the pieces apart.) They are super yummy, and I knew if we waited until we baked our own gingerbread men, it might be February.

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