Saturday, December 29, 2007

Friday Fun!

We met friends at the bowling alley yesterday for an afternoon of fun.
Gracie had to haul the big 6 pound ball around, give it a throw and then...

she waited.
Mark had an unusual form, but he got the job done.
This was the first time at a bowing alley for Mark and Grace, and it started in an exciting manner. We told the kids that they could warm up, so I found them the light balls, and when I was turned around, they both let the balls roll, down the same alley. At the same time, big boy Dan, let his practice ball go, his ball ran into the thing that knocks the extra pins down. Now, the owner of the alley came running out and suggested that these kids have a lesson on proper bowling etiquette. I was totally embarrassed.
Things went much more smoothly after they had a talking to.
Boys relaxing.
Laura's form.
Amy's form.
Danny's form. ( he only fell down once)
And the winner is-- I don't think we know--I don't believe anyone really knew how to keep score properly.


Lisa said...

What fun! Isn't it wonderful to have everyone together having fun like this? Who cares who wins? (I wish mine weren't so competitive! I know durn well one of them would be keeping score and making sure we all knew who was winning!)

Alice Gunther said...

So much fun! We love going to the bowling alley with friends, but don't do it nearly often enough!