Thursday, August 30, 2007

Zoo Day

Today, Dad took us all to the zoo.
In the zoo gift shop we found this sign, which is now hung in the kitchen. I thought it described perfectly the house as we got ready to go to the zoo.

Kimmy hammed it up for the camera while we were there. She kept this pose until the camera was put away.

I'm not sure what this penguin thought of Mark, but I guess it liked him.

Of course, we have to have some of the kids pose as penguins. Very cute,

especially the little baby penguin.

Poor Luke had to push his own stroller. I hope his legs won't get too tired.

He walked all the way to the barn, and then had to milk the cow by himself so that he could have a drink.

Is there an age limit posted on this cow?

We have just finished learning about bears around the world, and we were very happy to get such a good look at the spectacled bear.

We have been learning so much, Grace is ready to get out there and move the world!


Anonymous said...

Makes me want to go to the zoo. It looks like the kids had a great time.
Great photos. Aunt Jean

Anonymous said...

What a great day. My favorite are the pictures and the Zoo sign. Always, Kim

Anne (aussieannie) said...

This Australian just LOVES that big, black bear! He looks as though he is about to say something quite gruff, but intelligent!!