Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A Rabbit Trail

I commented to one of the older children recently that we have only been schooling for a few weeks and we had already headed off on a "rabbit trail." This child didn't understand what I meant so I explained and then realized that it would be more easily explained in a visual way.
So, here is what happened in our homeschool from the time we began our Blueberries for Sal
lapbook from Hands of a Child, up to today.(We never know what tomorrow will bring.)

We got started in the usual way, we purchased the book and project pack and started on our trail.

We learned a lot about Maine and blueberries. We studied the New England states, and the coast line and the ocean.
We then went on to the animals of the New England area, concentrating on bears. This caused us to learn about bears around the world, especially Kodiak bears and Polar bears. Two of our favorite animals, which of course live in Alaska.

We happened to see a television show, Into Alaska with Jeff Corwin, which is now one of our favorite shows and I have scheduled our DVR to record all the episodes. We loved the scenes about bears, in fact we loved everything about Alaska.

After discussing Alaska, I ordered all these books from our inter-library loan borrowing system.
These books made us very interested in all the animals of northern North America.

Because we have found we love all the animals of northern North America, I bought these very nice animals from Safari Ltd.

Of course these animals are so nice, we will need some from other parts of the world, maybe the animals of Antactica, because we could always compare the animals of the far north with animals from the far south........or we could learn animal folklore of the Inuit people.....or animal folklore of all native Americans......maybe this is way we don't always finish everything I plan to do in a school year----there are too many rabbits leaving trails around.


Maryan said...

Hey fun Joann! Thanks for posting. We were just talking about bears the other night... so hmmm... we might have to start in Maine and land in Alaska!

Michaela said...

LOL Love it, Joann! Thanks for sharing your rabbit trail. 8-)

His Servant: Ann Kraeger said...

Now I really want to come to learn at your home school.

Anonymous said...

You always give thorough information that I feel like i did the same thing-you should try leaving us hanging!! Kim