Sunday, August 12, 2007

Aunt Mary's Birthday!!

Last weekend we celebrated the 50th birthday of Aunt Mary, my husband's sister and the most loving aunt my children could ever hope for.

She has brought joy and smiles into the lives of everyone she has ever met.

Becky made this cake. There is a reason for this type of cake....
Aunt Mary's favorite party hat is her clown hat.
There, of course, were games at this party. (real serious games) Pat was the captain of his team-the blue guys. Use you imagination as to why he was put in charge of these cousins.

The pretty little purple team was also full of cousins, and they look like they may be the team to beat.

Kimberly made up her own game of fishing in the empty swimming pool. I think that she had just as much fun as everyone on the organized teams.
After some games, Mary did manage to blow out aaaallllllll those candles,

and then on to more fun!


Blindfolded fun!

Watching a blindfolded cousin fun!!

Dan got tired of the fun and his foot hurt, but

Kim and Luke just kept going and going and going, although,

in black and white, Luke looks like he is slowing down. (but really he was not)

But parties do finally end, even wonderful parties like this one, and it is a pleasure to see beautiful sights on the ride home. I always enjoy seeing the windmills that dot the landscape along the route home.

This isn't a beautiful site, but I did enjoy playing with the camera.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful party you had! What a great family you have!
A belated Happy Birthday.
Love from Grandma and Grandpa H.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a great time was had at your party and Happy Birthday Mary.


Renee said...

Hilarious! I love it! Okay, okay, I'll take a pic of my feet on the dashboard inside the vehicle someday too. You are so funny Joanne, this is very fun! oh, and nice feet....LOL Thank you for such cheer in my day!