Sunday, August 5, 2007

A Little of This and a Little of That

Today is day 59 for our sunflower house, and it is beginning to look like a real little house. If the package was correct, we have another 4 or 5 feet of growth before our blossoms show up.

We spent another afternoon at Grandma and Grandpa H's house.

Luke brought his new vehicle with him today. He got it from his cousins yesterday after Aunt Mary's birthday party. (This party deserves a long post of its own-which will be coming soon)
Luke has a pretty easy time in his new car, he just leans back, puts up his feet, and enjoys the ride.

We enjoyed fresh picked sweet-corn, courtesy of our friends, the Maciags.

We have had a lot pictures of Grandpa's great wagon, and various children enjoying the ride, but today was a first.
The first "adult" enjoyed a ride. Aunt Pam climbed aboard and away she went, along with four of my children. (I think the tractor wagon reached it maximum occupancy). She did think that Danny was driving a little too fast though.

The drive home in the evening was eventful also.

Pardon this blurry picture, but the cormorant above is doing a little dance on his post. (We don't really know why)

This hot air balloon flew overhead and the kids were pleased that the folks riding in it heard our horn and gave us a wave.

Lastly, right before we got home, in the sunset, we spotted this red-tail hawk. He paused very nicely for us while we snapped his picture.


Anonymous said...

3 cheers for a day at grandma's house-no big party, but it can also be fun. Kim

His Servant: Ann Kraeger said...

Mark, let me know when I can move into my new house. I can't wait until the flowers bloom. It will be the prettiest house on the block.

betty said...

You always have such fun family time! Love seeing the photos!

Alice Gunther said...

I love these happy summer photos, and the nature shots are great.

My children would love that sunflower house!

Surprised by Joy said...

Great photos,,,,your sunflower house is awesome....


laura (the kids spokes-woman) said...

The hot air ballon was the most fun because Dad honked the horn and the people looked down and waved at us, and we saw them of caorse because the were ssoo close!!!