Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Shrine of Blessed Marianne Cope

Yesterday, the Sodality of Our Lady of Good Counsel church spent the day together and went to the Shrine and Museum of Blessed Marianne Cope.
Blessed Marianne Cope was a local nun who went to Hawaii to help Blessed Father Damein take care of the lepers. She was beatified on May 14, 2005 by Pope Benedict.

It was a beautiful experience to pray for the intercession of Blessed Marianne in the presence of her remains.

The museum was an inspiration with many relics of both Father Damien and Mother Marianne. Above is the Father Damien's chausible and cane.


Alice Gunther said...

I have never heard of Blessed Marianne Cope. She is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

How blessed we are for our area shrines, and what a nice way for the girls to end their summer. Kim