Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The GIANT Olympic Lapbook is complete!

We finished the BIGGEST lapbook we have ever made.
Yeah for the Olympics!
You can find our previous Olympic posts here:
One of our final elements was mapping the journey of the Olympic torch.
This map and information came from my original Olympic Lapbook unit.
Mark was very proud to make this poster on the computer.
The Olympic motto is now on the back of our lapbook.
We also added the winners to the "events" page of our book.
The kids took turns drawing the flags of the winning countries of the most gold medals in each event.
Gracie looking up the medal winners on the NBC Olympic coverage website.

Luke got to put the last sticker on the calendar on the day of the closing ceremonies.
This turned into a four file folder lapbook. I added many things from Homeschool Share.
This is the first section. I always enjoy adding pictures of the kids to the lapbook.
The picture of Gracie, Kim and Luke in their olive branch wreaths are one of my favorites.
The second folder
Folder number 3
File folder # 4
We put Mark's poster on the back of folder #3.
Since there are so many folds in our book, I stapled our world maps on one of the empty folds.
I stapled the world maps at the top so that we can look back at the many countries around the world that participated in this years winter Olympics.

We were blessed to receive a package from a wonderful friend in Canada of Olympic memorabilia, of course, I immediately took a picture and added it to our lapbook to be remembered forever.
We can't wait for the summer Olympics--although the kids were pretty bummed when they found out they aren't for 2 more years.


Rhonda said...

We completed the same lapbook, but wow yours is so much bigger and better. I love how you added all of the photos of the kids in it. What a great idea!

Diane said...

We also did the same lapbook and finished it last Friday. Enjoyed it and learned alot.

Renee said...

How fun! Don't all your children look ever enthralled in their grand lapbook feat! Congratulations on the wonderful keepsake and fabulous learning experience everyone. (Love that you added the photo in with the Canadian goodies, so sweet) :)

Denice said...

thanks for the tip on the lapbook. we made it too, although didn't have as much time as I wish we would have to work on it. the kids did love their finished project.