Thursday, March 18, 2010

What we saw.....

driving around the block. (Be advised--this is a country block of about 5 miles)

Everything is sooooo brown--hopefully color will begin to show itself soon, although it is supposed to snow on Monday.
The geese are back and making their nests.
Red-winged blackbirds are everywhere for about the past week and a half.
A very handsome mallard duck
The turkeys are strutting about.
This is our favorite spot to see great-blue herons, green herons and an assortment of ducks. Today it was all about Canadian geese.
And the drives big excitement was Mark catching these white-tail deer in a picture.
Great shot, Mark!!
After we got home we just hung around outside.
The temperature reached the mid-60's today, sunny and just beautiful.
We planted a few marigold seeds to grow indoors. You don't plant anything outside around here until about mid May.
We took a walk in the fields out back and Gracie spotted a bird nest from last year.
We were searching for pussywillows, but it is still too early to find any---we only found things the color brown.
We did spot a few monkies up a tree when we got home.
Usually we have young monkies hanging around, but today we even spotted some OLD monkies!!

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Rhonda said...

Wonderful nature shots. Nice job on getting the photo of the deer. It looks like it was a beautiful day. Our weather here is slowly warming up. It has been so nice.