Monday, June 4, 2007

Secret Garden

We have had a very exciting weekend around here. Holy Cross Academy performed the musical "The Secret Garden. The kids began in December, and the past weekend we were treated to one of the most professional shows that I have ever seen performed by a school.
They were truly remarkable.

Becky helped with the pre-show craziness. This performance was put on without the help of a public school budget. Things were borrowed, made by hand, or donated by friends of the school.

Matt was Lt. Wright. Here he is getting into character before the sh0w.

Amy was a dreamer. She is in make-up here with her friend Maggie.

Daniel's part was Albert, the main characters father. He is posing with Josh (Fakir).

Matt sang beautifully. This was his first show ever.

Dan and his stage wife Maria. Dan is a real pro at performing. This is his third show.


Amy was the most beautiful girl on stage.

Everyone enjoyed the encore, especially Dan.


His Servant: Ann Kraeger said...

I hear that a good time was had by all, both audience and performers alike. Bravo.
My children attended and raved about it.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the entire cast and crew of The Secret Garden. The talent that was shown during the musical was magnifcent. As spectators watching, we could not help but notice three actors that stood out above the others, Matt, Dan and Amy. They were fabuluous!!!!!! Also, one of the gals behind the scene, Becky, did a great job also. We are so very, very proud of them all.
G. Mama and G. Papa

Anonymous said...

I'll second the opinion that the play, The Secret Garden, was the best performance ever!! The cast of Holy Cross Academy really was spectacular. Hope you all come to see Joann's kids next year. With love, Kim.

Anonymous said...

Looked wonderful. Great job to all.

Aunt Jean