Sunday, June 24, 2007

Nature Drive

I had the camera ready and put the children on alert today to find me some wildlife to photograph on our ride home from a graduation party.(congratulations Emily!)
We were not disappointed in what we saw.

We saw the ever cute ground-hog (or woodchuck depending on what you want to call it.) We think that they are cute but the farmers definitely do not--way to many holes in their fields.
This white tail deer stood still just long enough to catch him on film. Dad gave a little whistle and he looked our way just at the right moment.

My definite, most exciting picture is of this great-blue heron. He was just hanging out beside a small pond looking for fish.


betty said...

Wonderful nature pics!

Alice Gunther said...

Great job on the pictures!

(By the way, thanks to you and your nature photos, I finally know the name of the lovely bluish purple fringed bulbs that come up in our yard every year--English Bluebells!)