Thursday, June 21, 2007

2007 Homeschool Picnic

Today we enjoyed the 2007 homeschool day at the beach. Everyone had a wonderful time. The weather was lovely and the temperatures were perfect, not to hot, but warm enough to swim.

Thanks to "Aunt" Kim, I was able to bring the 7 youngest children. I don't dare bring the two babies if I don't have Kim to help.

Here is Kim lifeguarding Luke and Mark plus a couple others. Thank-you Kim!!!

Luke tried his luck at catching something with Aaron's net. He was very excited when he hauled in some seaweed.

Big brother Dan also helped Luke enjoy his day.

This lovely ringed billed gull looked like he was on sentry duty while we were on the beach, but I think he and about 100 of his closest friends were just waiting for the kids to drop some food.

After an hour or so of swimming I took my own brood for a walk around the park.

I love this picture. We are on Oneida Lake and these sailboats looked just like a painting.

Mark and Grace a looking good driving these cars, but I am not so sure about Danny.

How many kids can we fit on a dinosaur without breaking his springs? At least four I guess.

The party is almost over, now the chaos of sorting everything out and heading for home.

Let's all head for home.(until next time, which is tomorrow-different beach-mostly the same people)

On the drive home we saw a group of four birds that we couldn't identify. When we got home I got out my trusty Peterson's Field Guide and identified them as the double-crested cormorant.
It is a very interesting bird.


betty said...

Look like a fun day with a wonderful group!

Rodrigo said...
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His Servant: Ann Kraeger said...

Sounds like a lot of fun. I'm envious!