Saturday, June 30, 2007

Happy Birthday Kim!!!!

If you ever want to really surprise someone on their birthday, get ten of their friends together and plan a party at 8:30 am at a "Nothin' Fancy Cafe".

First of all, we tend to be a night owl bunch of party people, so she had absolutely no idea that anything was up.

The resturant was packed, so she was more than a little embarrassed when we sang "Happy Birthday" not only once but twice. We had to sing the second time so she could blow the candles out on her birthday coffeee cake and blueberry muffin yummy cake.

I won't tell what momentous age that she has reached, but if you look carefully at the picture above you will get a hint. (Oops, I wasn't going to give out the age information.)

I made her an afgan so that she can cuddle up on chilly evenings. The temperature tonight is predicted to be in the 40's, so it may get used sooner than later.



Anonymous said...

I had a wonderful birthday thanks to all of you! I truly do think that "a faithful friend is a sturdy shelter..."

His Servant: Ann Kraeger said...

I wish I had known. Happy Birthday to you. And many, many more. God bless you.

betty said...

Happy Birthday, Kim! I LOVE your new afgan!!!