Saturday, June 16, 2007

Busy, Busy, Weekend (Day one --Saturday)

The morning started in a very exciting way. A house close by was being used as a practice fire for our local volunteer fire department. Some of the big kids set out down the with the camera to get pictures, but they were turned away. Being the resourceful children that they are they headed to the woods and situated themselves on a hill behind the house with a perfect view.
They were not disappointed when the fire was fully involved. We don't get to see something like this in our small town area very often.

Next, my husband found this flower on a prickery bush growing right up near the house. We have since identified it as horse nettle. It is very pretty.

Becky has been very busy for this weekend. She is our family cake decorator and is getting into the business. They cake below is for a friend's daughter's birthday. Marie is a softball player and enjoyed this creative cake.

Next, she worked on this very unique graduation cake. It turned out wonderful, and it certainly tasted as good as it looks.

Party time followed in the afternoon. We were at a camping area at Oneida Lake. It is an absolutely beautiful spot.

Volleyball gets everyone moving.

Kimberly enjoyed her time with her wonderful Godmother Kim. I like to refer to Kim at events like these as my ASP (adult support person). She is there every minute to help me with the kids. She also keeps Kimberly very nicely outfitted.(thank you Kim)

Luke and his friend Christa took turns strolling each other around.

Luke was in his glory when he was given a squirt gun.

Of course, I never feel that a day is complete unless we can call something educational. Mark and Grace had a lovely time investigating the shoreline and found(according to Mark) at least 100 shells.
I didn't want to close today's blog without adding this gorgeous picture of Gracie. It certainly sums up our day. Absolutely beautiful!!


betty said...

What a fun weekend! Becky is very good (and creative) at her cake decorating business!

All your pictures are precious and that last one of Gracie is adorable! What kind of camera do you use?

Joannof10 said...

We use a FinePix S700 FujiFilm digital.
We are verrry happy with it.

betty said...

Thanks, Joann, for the info!
Have a HAPPY day!

Anonymous said...

My Goddaughter is beautiful. I very much enjoy spending time with her and her family. I hope you all are enjoying this sunshine.