Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Beat the Doldrums--Day 6--Birds, Sprouts and Reading Aloud

 We had a brand-new visiting the past few days....a Fox Sparrow.  It is just beautiful!!  It took 2 days to identify it since an unnamed child has lost our birdbook.  I expect we will only see this guy for just a few more days because his summer habitat is north of us and its winter habitat is south of us.  
I'm just really, really glad it stopped by this year! 
 Our beautiful pilliated woodpecker showed up today....WE LOVE OUR "WOODY THE WOODPECKER"
 Luke had a new pretty little tree sparrow visiting his homemade feeder today. 
Another happy sight today was the surprise of finding so many of our flower seeds sprouting.  We only planted them two days ago, so it was a sweet surprise to find our little plants. 
I also have joined the Read Aloud Revival site.  They are offering a limited $5 monthly fee to try it our and see how you like it.  We read everyday....A LOT!  And I love all the suggestions, fun ideas and books list to help you build your world around books.

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