Saturday, April 9, 2016

Beat the Doldrums....Day 9...Let's Go Fly a Kite

 It looks like a picture perfect kite flying day....and it was....for a short time....because what you can't tell by the photos is that the wind chill was 25 degrees at kite flying time. 
 Gracie "trick" kite was very tricky to fly.
 It didn't take long to become numb to the cold
 Luke was great at flying his airplane kite....notice the snowbanks....there was nothing melting today.
 This is my go to camera angle for kite flying.
 Mark was  very "cool" and only lasted for about 10 minutes outside.

 Three kites in the air.
 Luke used this technique a few times. 
 I was just about frozen when Dad got home from work and helped detangle some troubles.
 Dad giving advice.....You can notice I'm getting farther away in the photos...I was sneaking over the hill to get warm.

Luke makes me smile!!!

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